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Efficient and reliable NMR structural studies require acquisition of high quality experimental data and specialist knowledge for interpretation. Our senior scientists with extensive experience offer NMR services including but not limited to :

  • Quality control (e.g. refolding, compactness, structure modification);

  • Molecular structure characterization;

  • Structure determination;

  • NMR spectra assignment;

  • Reaction kinetics investigation;

  • Dynamics, disorder analysis;

  • Quantitative analysis;

  • Drug screening;

  • Mapping structure of biological drugs by NMR;

  • NMR analysis for biopharmaceutical development;

  • High field NMR data acquisition.



For more information about our services or to receive a specific quotation corresponding to your project, please contact us by email at:

Our NMR sample preparation guidelines:

  1. Isotopic labelling: protein NMR spectroscopy requires isotope enrichment. NMR-Bio offer uniform and specific isotopic labelling of your protein sample in various expression systems.

  2. Amount:for solution NMR, a sample typically contains 1-10 mg/mL of 0,3-0,5 mM purified protein in a suitable buffer.

  3. Stability:For in-depth studies by NMR, the protein needs to be stable for several days at room temperature for data acquisition.

  4. Size:the molecular weight of biomacromolecules of a NMR sample is typically less than 50 kDa for high-resolution structure determination. NMR-Bio is an expert in methyl specific labelling for the characterization of larger proteins and protein complexes.

  5. High field NMR Equipment:
    We have access to state-of-the-art NMR instrumentation like Bruker AVANCE 950 MHz, AVANCE 850 MHz with sample changer, AVANCE 700 MHz and other spectrometers all equipped with sophisticated cryoprobes including the adapted for small volumes. With these modern NMR equipment, we can offer our specialized services to industrial customers.

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