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NMR-Bio genesis:


NMR-Bio is a translational contract research organization which arose from a collaboration between the Structure Biology Institute (IBS) and the Laboratory of Metal Chemistry and Biology (BIG/LCBM), both located in Grenoble (France), one of the most vibrant European hubs for structural biology.

NMR-Bio activity:

NMR-Bio supplies precursors for the selective labelling of methyl groups in perdeuterated proteins along with a broad range of services for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Electron Microscopy (EM) applications.In addition, NMR-Bio invests heavily in the R&D to develop innovative strategies and solutions to help its customers to overcome their technical issues. In collaboration with its academic partners, NMR-Bio is conducting a challenging scientific research program which aims to extend the selective labelling approach, a pertinent strategy to the NMR study of supramolecular machinaries and which is routinely applied in E. coli, to the mammalian cells, one of the most requested expression systems by the pharmaceutical industry. Protocols to achieve this labelling in insect cells and Cell-Free systems have been already set-up in the first two years of this collaboration. Furthermore, the development of optimized 13CH3-NMR pulse sequences will be also a part of our objective.

Our partners

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