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Synthesize your sample in Cell-Free

In vitro protein synthesis or cell-free protein synthesis (CFPS) is an approach for protein production without living cells, but with cell extracts containing the necessary molecular machinery. This makes it ideal solution for expressing difficult-to-produce proteins, such as toxins or membrane proteins… NMR-Bio’s cell extracts are made from E. coli lysate. In particular, we have developed improved extracts for your disulphide bridge containing proteins (e.g. FAB, mAbs...) and we have access to a dedicated cell-free platform to ensure maximum yields of functional proteins.

NMR-Bio offers 15N, 13C, 2H uniform labelling without scrambling in the Cα position of attached protons or deuterium. This eliminates the back-exchange problem and enables full assignment of the backbone of your protein of interest. Moreover, NMR-bio’s innovative proprietary cell-free technology is tailored for methyl specific labelling of proteins in a perdeuterated background. We provide synthesis in batch for conditions screening and in dialysis mode up to 100 mL of reaction for large-scale production of your labelled samples.

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