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Produce your sample in bacteria

E. coli is the easiest expression system to perform isotopic labelling for simple proteins. Our scientists are expert in deuteration and methyl specific labelling of large proteins. NMR-Bio manufactures patented precursors for the production of (13C, 1H)-labelled proteins and uses them for the custom production of your protein of interest. Precursors are introduced at a specific time in a perdeuterated minimal medium to achieve high incorporation levels of 13CH3 isotopomer only in a single type of methyl group without detectable scrambling. We also perform combinatorial labelling with protocols designed to label simultaneously different types of methyl probes well separated in Methyl-TROSY spectra. We also routinely conduct 13C, 15N, 2H uniform labelling in flasks or fermenters.

Please contact us at for your specific needs.

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